How Long do Cryovac Meats Last?


Cryovac meats will last between four to six weeks in the refrigerator, assuming they were properly sealed. They can last nearly indefinitely in the freezer. Cryovac sealing is great for long term storage.
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The average shelf life of Cryovac meats is around 7 days if it's cooked, and 4-6 months if it is frozen. If kept at refrigerated temperatures, it is likely to only last about 3 days.
Six weeks is about how long cryovac meats will last in a refrigerated situation. Once cryovac meats are frozen they are protected against being spoiled by bacteria, as well as getting freezer burn. Meats that go through the cryovac packaging process are known as being wet aged, as they continue to improve and tenderize. The cryovac packaging process vacuum seals the product in an effort to maintain the meat quality by locking out all air.
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