How Long Do Daylilies Bloom?


Daylilies bloom over the course of late spring through the fall. Individual flowers bloom and last for about a day, often blooming in a morning and withering by the next day. However, the plant itself can continue to bloom flowers at various times over the course of its blooming season.
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1. Watch for your daylilies to begin blooming. This will occur between March and May. When you see the blooms, add 1 lb. of a 12-4-8 fertilizer for every 100 square feet of soil.
They bloom in early-mid summer.
sounds like u have to drawf kind which should be blooming any day now! if it's the full size kind then it'll be mid-summer before they willl bloom!
Rachel, Yes they are kind of messy looking for a while. I usually remove the stalks,which usually release from the soil quite readily.Some however you have to cut with garden shears
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