How Long Do Dianthus Bloom?


Dianthus has single or double blooms pink, white, red or cream coloured fragrant flowers that last spring, summer and fall. The initial flowering is normally more prolific or vivid than the sporadic flowering. Dianthuses grow in an extensive variety of garden climates.
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1. Plant dianthus in a site that receives full sun at least six hours every day. 2. Place 2 inches of mulch around the plants to keep moisture from evaporating too quickly. 3. Water
You shuld have cut way back on nitrogen once the plants started to flower. And, as said here, you must dead head them, too.
Examine each flower and stem systematically and cut off any flowers that have died, lost their bright color or have started to wither and brown. Cut the flowers off 1/4-inch above
The flowering season for the Firewitch cheddar pink varies considerably depending on climate, latitude and elevation. In mild winter regions, flowering begins in midspring such as
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