How long do dogs bleed when they are in heat?


Most female dogs, or bitches, bleed for 18 to 24 days while they are in heat. Some bitches have their first heat as early as six months old. Healthy female dogs go into heat twice a year.

In general, females from smaller dog breeds go into heat earlier than large-breed dogs. Some large bitches do not experience a heat until they are two years old. As dogs age, the duration of the bleeding phase often becomes longer. Some dogs experience bleeding for more than a month. There is no age when a dog naturally stops the heat cycle. The only way to stop a bitch from going into heat is through surgical spaying.

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Virtually all breeds have two oestrus cycles each year. Initially, the vulva swells and within a day there is a clear discharge, which becomes tinged with blood the next day. This
Your dog bleeds during the proestrus stage of its cycle, which typically lasts about seven to 10 days. You might notice that your dog urinates more and its vulva is swollen. If your
The early period of heat, when blood is seen, lasts between 4 -15 days
If your dog bite bleeds severely, you should try to stop the bleeding and go to a hospital for medical treatment. Apply a clean compress to the area with plenty of pressure, or tie
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