How Long Do Duck Eggs Take to Hatch?


Generally, eggs from normal ducks such as the Pekins hatch after twenty eight days. However, some species of ducks such as the Muscovy ducks take up to thirty five days to hatch. The eggs of ducks are generally larger than those of chicken and appropriate care should be taken to accommodate them during incubation.
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You can incubate and hatch duck eggs yourself or you can allow a broody duck (or even a broody hen) to lay on them to incubate and hatch the eggs. Mallard duck eggs hatch after about 27 days of incubation. Muscovy duck eggs take 35 days to hatch. Pekin duck eggs and most other duck eggs hatch after 28 days of incubation.
Usually, duck eggs are incubated by a mother duck for around 28 - 30 days. If the eggs have not hatched by then the eggs have probably not been fertilized by a male duck.
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You can use an incubator to hatch duck eggs. The machine will keep them at the required temperature and also control the amount of moisture required. Unfortunately without an incubator
1. Obtain duck eggs that have been fertilized. 2. Ensure that a proper incubator has been purchased or built. Incubators can simply be any enclosed box or area that can retain heat
1 Find a local store with an incubator or order one online. Your local feed store or County Co-Op can usually help with this or you can do a search for "poultry incubator"
It usually takes about 28 days depending if they are fertile or not i have two ducks nesting right now and it has been about 3 days and they will not get of they pull feathers out
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Most duck eggs will hatch in twenty-eight days. The chicks hatch could live for up to twenty years. If you have found eggs in the wild, leave them. The mother ...
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It depends on the breed of duck. Most seem to hatch after around 28 of incubation or sitting on by a mother duck. Muscovy ducks take the longest at 35 days. ...
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