How Long Do Fancy Rats Live?


Fancy rats live up to two or three years. However, it depends on their diet, breeding, and disease resistance. To get more information about fancy rats, visit:
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They live to be three to four years old. The average age is around 2-3 years but depending on how well you take care of them, it is possible for them to live much longer. The oldest
1. Select your breeding pair. The female should be at least 4 months old, as females bred younger tend to have difficult births. Both male and female rats should have good temperaments
Outside rats live under wood piles, rocks, bushes, near trash, or in holes in buildings. If they are in your home, then chances are that they are inside crawl spaces, basements, or
1 Getting a cage for your rat: Getting a cage is the first essential part in keeping a pet rat. Get a cage that is big enough for your rat to walk around a lot, generally its recommended
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A Dumbo rat is a type of fancy rat, or domesticated brown rats that are kept as pets. The Dumbo rat has ears that resembles Dumbo the Elephant, with large ears ...
The average lifespan of a rat is 2 to 3 years. This is a rough average-selective breeding, disease resistance and diet can all influence the longevity of your ...
Domestic rats have a life span of 2-3 three years in normal. There are known cases of domestic rats living to the age of 5 years. Rats do not age gracefully, they ...
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