How Long do Fibromyalgia Flare UPS Last?


Fibromyalgia flare ups can last, unfortunately, a long time. There really is no time frame that is considered average as they can last hours up to six or seven months in length.
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The frequency of how long Fibromyalgia flare ups vary from person to person. They can last days or weeks. However, you may have periods of time where your fibromyalgia symptoms are very manageable. My mom keeps a diary of symptoms, flare ups, when they occur, what makes them better or worse, and what was going on in your daily life that may have worsened symptoms. It may help to find out what causes them and help keep your flares at a minimum.
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There are many reasons you may have a "flare" when dealing with Fibromyalgia. Stress and diet, as well as weather are major contributors. Try to avoid stressful situations
Fibromyalgia is a disorder associated with extreme body pain, sleeping disorders and major fatigue. Doctors have no absolute treatment for this illness, but there are certain ways
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