How Long Do Flies Live?


Fleas generally don't survive past 100 day. Without a host, adult fleas live only a few days to 2 weeks before starving to death. On short-haired cats and dogs fleas survive an average of 8 days; they live longer on long-haired animals.
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House fly adults normally live about two and a half weeks during the summer, but they can survive up to three months at lower temperatures.
There are many different families of flies and they have different life spans. The life cycle of a fly can range from days to years depending on the species.
In North America alone, there are over 100 different families of flies. Each of these families have different lifespans and they live an average of anywhere from a few days to years. Houseflies and fruit flies live about 30 days, and the warmer the temperatures are, the longer they are able to live. You can find more information here:
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Flies live on garbage or wherever there are animal feces available. They live here due to the food; the larva of a fly will feast on anything that is decaying. An adult fly likes
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A housefly can live up to two weeks. During this time a female can lay over 2, 500 eggs. A housefly starts off as a lava then develops into the fly you see buzzing ...
On average a fruit fly lives about thirty seven to seventy days. They have modified a gene in the fruit fly that can extend their life to 110 days. ...
A house fly will only live for 3 days. Thank god, because they can be a nuance. The best thing to do is get a fly trap, instead of smashing it all over with a ...
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