How Long Do Giant Pandas Live for?


The lifespan for giant Pandas is estimated to be somewhere between 15 and 25 years. They live in remote mountainous areas that have dense forests of bamboo and it is characterised by a black-and-white coat.
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According to and article published in the Ottawa Citizen on August 17, 2009, there are 15,900 giant pandas living in the wild and 180 have been bred in captivity. There are only 20
pandas are found in some parts of china but they are very rare
The giant pandas inhabit the dense bamboo forests at
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The panda is endangered due to habitat fragmentation and loss. The areas in which the pandas live in is becoming smaller and because of human activities such as ...
Giant pandas play a vital role in the ecosystem in the bamboo forests where they live, by spreading seeds as well as facilitating growth of vegetation. If they ...
There are only about 1,600 Giant Pandas in existence in the entire world. Many of these live in breeding centers, and about 1,000 live in the wild. You can find ...
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