How Long Do Giant Squids Live?


The average life span of a giant squid is 3-5 years. The largest giant squid ever found was almost 60 feet long and weighed just shy of one ton.
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They live in all oceans of the world,scientist haven't been able to observe on in its
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The largest of these elusive giants ever found measured 59 feet in
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Giant squids will eat fish, especially orange ruffie, but they have also been known to other squids, as long as they are not their own kind! ...
No one really knows where giant squid live. They have been spotted deep in the ocean. They are typically only found in depths between 200-1000 meters. You can ...
Giant squids are found within all three oceans. Typically they live in cooler waters. They are typically thought to live 1000-2000 feet below the ocean's surface ...
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