How Long Do Giraffes Live for?


Both male and female giraffes can live for about 25 years and even longer when in captivity. Their mortality varies from region to region depending on the density of the natural predators. Even adult giraffes are predated by lions, while sub adults and calves are vulnerable to hyenas, crocodiles, wild dogs and leopards.
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Giraffes are found only in Africa. They are very social animals that typically live in herds. They enjoy roaming freely in the savannas of Africa. These giants can weigh as much as
For the most part, giraffes are social animals. A herd of about 40 giraffes is composed of mostly females and calves, with a couple dozen bulls. Young male giraffes travel together
African plains, arid and dry savanna (flat grassland of tropical or subtropical regions) with trees. They can also be found in most zoos.
Giraffe, the tallest living animal on earth. It lives in the dry savannas
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A giraffe has an average lifespan of twenty to twenty-five years. They can eat up to hundred pounds of food a day and can weigh up to 3,000 pounds. ...
A giraffe is a tall or large African mammal with a very long neck and forelegs, and a coat patterned with brown patches that are separated by lighter lines. The ...
The plural of giraffe is giraffes. These animals are the tallest living quadrupeds currently found on Earth. They are characterized by their long necks and spotted ...
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