How Long Do Gnats Live?


Gnats are not the most notoriously long-lived creature on earth. Some types live for less than 24 hours, and even the longest-lived ones are only around for a few short months.
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The average lifespan of a gnat is about 4 months. It spends most of its life laying eggs, and a single gnat will lay close to 300 eggs alone. You can find more information here:
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Gnats have a short live spa of about four months. Although they don't live for very long, they still can be very annoying and pesky. When out and about during the summer months, having
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Depends on the species. Gnat larvae are mostly free-living and some are
Gnat larvae are mostly free-living and some are aquatic. Many feed on plants, though some are carnivorous. Larval plant feeders (e.g. the Hessian fly larva) cause root, stem, or leaf
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