How Long Do Hermit Crabs Live?


Surprisingly enough, a hermit crab can live to be thirty years old, if it is cared for in the right way. To keep them living for a long time, they need to be able to socialize with other hermit crabs. You can find more information here:
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The average hermit crab life expectancy in the wild is 30 years or longer, under the right conditions. Hermit crabs generally come from tropical climates and require a great deal
in a jungle near a beach.
Some hermit crabs are native to the Caribbean. The live near the oceans. Have a great day!
1. Buy more than one. Do not take the hermit crabs name like it is. Really, hermit crabs are really very social animals. In the wild, they travel in packs of 100, so be sure to buy
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The hermit crab is a crustacean that lives on land though they are born in water. Their adaptations include the presence of continually developing lungs to enable ...
Hermit crabs can be eaten by birds and other crabs. Hermit crabs live in a shell to protect them from their predators. A myth is that hermit crabs lose their claw ...
Hermit crabs live in the wild in the western Atlantic. Hermit crabs are crustaceans with the scientific name, Coenobita clypeatus. They are specially adapted to ...
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