How Long Do Honey Bees Live?


A honey bee can live up to 40 days during the summer. While a queen bee can live up to five years producing young nonstop. During the winter times, bees usually do not die because of the less work they do during the winter.
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Honey bees live in a hives the hives needs spots for their honey.
Typically, honey bee swarms occur when a hive becomes overcrowded. The colony forms a new queen, and the old queen flies away, taking part of the colony with her. The swarm lands
The queen can live from 2-5 years. The drone lives 40-50 days. Thank you for using ChaCha!
Honey bees were brought to the Americas by European settlers.
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Honey Bees live in a nest, called a hive which can have more than 80,000 bees, mainly workers. The hive is typically located in a hollow tree and it is ruled over ...
Honey bees make honey by sucking up the nectar into their long tongues and coming back to the beehive to store the nectar. The worker bees then put the nectar ...
How long bees live depends on whether they are workers, queens, or drones. Royalty lives the longest at two to six years. Workers only live a few months and drones ...
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