How much time should I have left on my passport when I travel?


How long you should have on your passport is much dependent on where you are going. For instance, to travel to most countries outside the EU from the UK, you need to have at least six months remaining on your passport, but you only need to have twice the amount of time you want to spend in the Dominican Republic, that is, 4 weeks if planning to stay for two. However, ensure you check with a country's embassy to be sure.
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There is no minimum validity set for a passport for somebody travelling within the EU. This is a privilege EU member countries enjoy though the only requirement is that the passport has to be valid for the entire period one is out of his/her country. Travellers are, however, advised to check for the up to date European Community regulations before travelling as the regulations change regularly.
A passport should be frequently renewed as often as the pages run out. It is also a good practice to renew it if it is defaced or harmed in any way to avoid disappointment.
How long you need left on your passport to travel varies from country to country. To be certain the best place to check is the website of the foreign office.
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