How Long do I Need to Keep Paycheck Stubs?


Paycheck stubs should be kept for a year in case they are needed. Your W2 at tax time will have all your yearly information on it so you probably won't need them very long.
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If you want to make your own paycheck to show that you paid somebody for work then you should purchase a receipt booklet. This will act as a paycheck stub.
1. Read your paycheck stub. Look for dollar totals under the heading "Year-to-Date. The information under this heading will be gross earnings, federal, state, Social Security
Paycheck stubs should be kept one year. If your W-2 form matches your stubs,
You neither have to be given one or keep it. But it's probably a good idea to keep the current years one, and the first and last of every year.
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You should keep paycheck stubs until you've filed your tax return for that year. This way, you can check any discrepancies between your W-2 and how much you actually ...
The length of time you keep a paycheck stub can be as short as only keeping the most recent to keeping them for 2 years. If you check the accuracy of your pay ...
Typically it's a good idea to keep a box above the fridge, and whenever you get payed, put your paycheck stubs for that year in the same envelope each time, and ...
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