How Long Do I Need to Live in California to Be Considered a Resident?


From my own personal experience with moving you have to be living independently in that state for a year before they will consider you a resident. Independently means without your parents.
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1. Pay your California state taxes. The California Franchise Tax Board states that as a resident of the state, you owe California taxes on all of your income, even if it was earned
You must live there for at least a year before
Not Legal Advice: You must be a resident in California for over a year prior to the residence determination date.
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The length of time needed to live in South Carolina to be considered a resident for child custody reasons is twelve months. Living in the state for a full year ...
There are several factors that must be considered before the State of California will consider you a resident. These factors include how long you have lived there ...
You have to legally live in California for at least 366 days to be a resident. This means that you have to by physically present for that time. You also have to ...
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