How long do i need to wait to do ab workouts after a c-section?


Most doctors will recommend that you wait at least 6 weeks to do ab workouts after having had a C-Section. However, your body might need more time than that to heal - you will just have to wait it out until the doctor says it is safe to do so.
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Depending on your own body's reaction to the C-Section,you may want to wait until 8 weeks to lightly start excercising. I know it may seem a long time to wait, especially if you are
Abortion is always best to have done as early as possible so waiting will not make anything better. But you have to ask your doctor since it's based on how much you have healed etc.
I would wait at least six weeks after a C-section to start any
Well, I would say it would be safe to being now, unless you experienced any complications where your doctor advised you not to start exercises of this sort. Start out small, don't
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