How Long Do Koalas Live?


Koalas have an average lifespan of 10 years in the wild. In captivity they might live longer due to having better health care and less exposure to disease and predators. The oldest koala to ever live was 23 years old. You can find more information here:
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Koalas are found in only one part of the world, a stretch of forestland along eastern and southeastern Australia. These marsupials are found near the coast, from as far south as the
Koalas usually live in eucalyptus trees, in Australia. They have also been observed in other species, including acacia, banksia, hakea and melaleuca, but they do not eat the leaves
Koalas live only in Eastern Australia. They live and sleep in eucalyptus trees, because it is
They live for 20+ years.….
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Koalas have a few natural predators. Since koalas live in trees, many of the natural predators are birds such as owls and eagles. Pythons are known to feed on ...
A koala is an animal that lives in eucalyptus forest, since the leaves of these plants form their basic diet. They can be found in coastal islands, tall eucalypt ...
The life span of a Kaola is 10 years, although, they can live up to 17 years. Their life expectancy is reduced due to injuries during fights, attack by dogs or ...
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