How Long do Laxatives Work for?


Depending on the dosage and type taken, laxatives can work for around twenty-four hours. Some types will work for up to twelve hours so it really depends on what type you take. Take a look at the directions on the box and go with the higher number as far as hours to be safe.
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Laxatives usually work for about 24 hours. You can take the laxative the night before for effective relief in the morning. Some laxatives are used in the form of enemas and are used for lower intestinal relief.
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A laxative is something you take to help you to have a bowel movement. There are many kinds. Some will prompt your bowels to move with a stimulant, others will soften the stool. Some
1. Go to your local health food store and purchase an herbal stimulant laxative tea. Make sure the tea contain senna root as the active ingredient. If you do not already own herbal
A laxative makes you move your bowel or pee. Laxitives are are a special typeof medicine that tastes and looks like chocolate. It is usually used for people who are constipated so
1 Fill a large pot or a teapot with approximately 10 cups (2. 37 liters) of cold water. Bring the water to a full boil. Add 1/4 cup (60 ml) of each of the following ingredients to
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How a laxative works depends on the type of laxative. Some draw water into the bowel and cause stools to become very soft. You can learn more here. . ...
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