How Long Do Maple Trees Live?


Most species of maples can live to be around 100 years old. Maples can live longer in prime habitats like old growth forests.
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Sugar maples are naturally long-lived trees. Cornell University says that although very old trees aren't that common, it is possible to find sugar maples that are 300 and 400 years
1. Collect maple seeds in the fall when they drop from the tree. Get a good big handful to increase the chance of getting a few that will germinate. Strip off the wings and drop the
1. Buy compact varieties that grow to under 10 feet high. Try Burgundy Lace, Crimson Queen or Inaba Shidare, according to Clemson University Extension website. 2. Prune mature trees
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There are several different types of maples trees and the life expectancy varies. The red maple lives for about 70 years, but the hardwood sugar maple can live anywhere between 150 to 250 years.
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