How Long Do Mice Live?


The lifespan of mice is hard to predict and varies depending on their ancestry. Usually, a mouse lives to be approximately one and a half years, sometimes even three. As a rough guide, between one and a half and two years is a typical lifespan, although by giving your mice a good diet and lifestyle, you may be able to give them some extra time.
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1. Decide if live feeder mice are appropriate for your pet's diet. Live mice are often a poor choice for many reptiles or amphibians because they fight back and will attack your pet
In gardens, fields and other places with crops. They are very sophisticated animals, they are fairly smart and can break into peoples houses where they stay warm and find food! mice
Mice live in a wide variety of hidden places that are near food sources and construct nests
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Mice live for six months to a year in the wild, and two to three years in captivity.
Most people cannot stand mice at all. Some mice come from outside but can live in people's home's in they can smell food. Most mice can live to be anywhere from 1-3 years old.
Mice will usually live for about four years. This can be shorter if they are eaten by predators. It also depends on there ancestry as well.
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The lifespan of mice is hard to predict and they differ depending on their lineage. Some mice can live for approximately one and a half years but others sometimes ...
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