How Long Do Mice Live without Food in a House?


The house mouse is two to three inches long, gray-brown, with an almost naked tail as long or longer than its body. A mouse can only go a few days without food 2 to 4 days until they will die.
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about 3 days then they go in to a semi coma state, to prevent starvation or freezing to death.Why?
There are several factors that would determine how long you can live without food, such as if you are a healthy person, amount of muscle on the body, and how much body fat a person
1. Begin to limit your intake of food slowly. Don't plan to stop eating abruptly because it won't work. Your body needs time to adapt to using cosmic energy instead of food. 2. Become
Mice cannot survive long without food. They would last no more than a day
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A mouse can live without food for as long as 12 days. Mice can also live without water for many days. The exact length of time will vary for each mouse. ...
On average mice can live for two to three days without food or water. It is said however that given a calm environment a mouse can live up to more than ten days, ...
How long a snake can live without food or water depends on the kind of snake. Rattlesnakes can go more than 6 months without food or water. ...
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