How Long Do Mums Bloom?


The length of time that mums will bloom is typically between 4 and 6 weeks. Mums generally bloom in the fall and late summer. The length of time the mum blooms depends on where it is and it's growing conditions.
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1. Set your mums on a level surface inside. Choose a room that has curtains, so you can block out the light when you need to. 2. Put in plant lights so you can control the simulated
Mums are day length sensitive, meaning the amount of light they receive determines when they will bloom. Normally they do not start blooming until September. Depending upon the variety
Mums are short day blooming plants- , meaning they need long nights in excess of 11 to 12 hours of darkness in order to induce flower development. By mid to late summer, the night
Most mums begin flowering in late summer & will continue to bloom until the first hard frost.
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The average bloom time for mums are several weeks. In the United States, mums are planted in the Spring and tend to bloom in early Fall. The Spring and Summer allow the plant to grow it's root system that sets the stage for a healthy life for the plant.
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