How Long Do Olive Trees Live?


Olive trees are a type of tree that produce olives and originate in the eastern Mediterranean Basin and are also found in Northern Iran and Iraq. Olives are considered to be one the most mentioned plants in all of western literature. Olives are used to make olive oil, which was well known to be sacred in ancient Greece. Olive trees will live very long before dying out, anywhere from 1,000 to up to 4,000 years depending on health and environment of the tree.
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An olive tree looks like a tall and wide bushy tree, in which the leaves are very opaque green and looks like they have been dusted with flour, they are very narrow, thin and long
1. Condition the soil in which the trees are planted. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Feed the soil with a high-nitrogen content fertilizer (a 17-6-10 timed release formula works
1. Olive trees often have wonderfully gnarled and twisted trunks. In pencil, draw a few curves to guide the twist of the trunk. 2. In pencil, sketch a trunk and branches using the
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