How Long Do Olives Keep In The Refrigerator?


Olives are small oval fruits native to the Mediterranean basin that are black when ripe and green when unripe. They have a natural bitter taste and because of this, they are fermented to reduce this bitterness. Green olives, or unripe olives, are usually pitted and stuffed with a piece of pimento or sweet pepper to enhance the flavor. The best time to eat anything is by the 'good by date' on the container, but olives that are properly stored can last years on the shelf unopened and months in a refrigerator.
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Olives can keep for a different amount of time. It all depends on storage. If you keep your olives in brine, they should last for a long time. If kept uncovered, they will last for a week or so until they get moldy.
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According to StillTasty, 1 year or until the date on the can/bottle.
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