How Long Does a Pheasant Live?


Pheasants, in a suitable environment, can live for a period of up to 27 years. This species of bird is larger than most game birds as the average male pheasant can weigh up to 1.5kg and about 91cm long while the female can weigh up to 907g and average 52cm in length.
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On the west side of wisconsin, iowa, and illinois and in southern canada. They are also found widely in Europe, where they have been introduced as a game bird.
The average live span of a pheasant is 27 years.Actual life span may be shortened if
A Pheasant in the wild is lucky to live 5 years, but they have been recorded living 27 years. If you try this site you will get plenty expectancy of pheasants in the wild&
A Pheasant in captivity could live up to 8-10 years,in the wild from one shooting season to 2 years,if it is Lucky and has no other predators. They will eat Wheat,Broken Maize,Barley
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