How long do poodles live?


Poodles live an average of 11 to 12 years, but depending on size and specific breed, they can live up to 17 years, according to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International. Smaller breeds typically have longer lifespans.

Standard poodles have the shortest lifespan of the poodle breeds, and they are also the largest. The smallest and longest lived is the toy poodle. Poodles are a relatively hypo-allergenic breed, according to the SPCAI, and get along well with children over the age of five. They are also a good choice for smaller homes, such as apartments, when they have access to ample exercise.

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they live in stores they are not wild animals so they live in houses(they are pets) Poodles can live in the house with their masters. Poodles love people and love to be close to them
Standard, toy and miniature poodles have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. All 3 breeds
I have lived with Standard Poodles all my life (i'm 17) and we have had two wonderful males so far. I was young when our first male was in his prime years, so I only remember being
The average lifespan for toy poodles is 13 years. These are dogs that are 10" or under at the shoulders and average 4-8 lbs, (but up to 12 lbs. It is not uncommon for the breed
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