How Long Do Puggles Live?


Puggle is a name of a crossbreed dog; they mostly serve as designer dogs and the life span of the dog rage between 10-15 years. Happy, playful, gentle and intelligent are some of the trait these dogs posses.
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Pugs make up one-half of the puggle breed. The first puggles appeared in 2000 when experimenting breeders finally crossed the English beagle with the Asian pug. These dogs didn't
Puggle life expectancy is 10-15 years! They are a sweet dog with the tendency to
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Beagles live 10-15 years; Pugs live 12-14 years; your "Puggle" will probably live between 10-15 years.
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How Long Do Puggles Live?
Puggles are adorable mixed-breed dogs created by mating a beagle with a pug. Puggle popularity has soared since 2005 as they have become designer dogs owned by celebrities and possess the best traits of both breeds.... More »
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