How Long Do Pugs Live?


A pug is a small dog and most small dogs if healthy will live between 8-11 years. It is very important to keep your pug well exercised and fit. Pugs have a tendency to be overweight which can affect their life span dramatically.
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Pugs normally live for 12 to 14 years. However, this does depend on the health of the pug. Pugs cannot live outside or be outside for too long. If the pug overheats, it will die within 30 minutes if it gets to hot. Make sure you keep your pug cool.
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Pugs, adorable dogs that they are, have a life expectancy of 12-15 years. Pugs make great watchdogs and are very good with children. For these reasons and the fact that they need
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A pug can live up to 20 years but usually closer to 17 or 18.
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The average life span for a Pug is about 11 years. They have to be very well taken care of and exercised regularly so that they don't fall into a sedentary life ...
You can adopt a pug from pug rescue network. However, before deciding to adopt a pug, you should consider the commitment that can last for as long as fifteen years ...
A pug is normally pregnant for 63 days, and should be taken to the vet if she is pregnant for more tha 69 days. Because smaller dogs like pugs come into heat approximately ...
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