How Long Do Pumpkins Last after You Carve Them?

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Jack-o-Lanterns look best for the first 48 hours after carving, and will then start to dry out, shrivel and get moldy.
To make it last longer, you can put petroleum jelly over the cut edges, and keep in a cool place like the refrigerator when not on display.
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1. Pour 1 tbsp. of bleach in a spray bottle and fill it with 1 qt. of water. Shake the ingredients together. Spray the inside of the pumpkin with the bleach water. Allow it to sit
Pumpkins can last from three days to three weeks depending on the
Well because of the holes cut out, it should be about a week. If their are no holes then it could be about two weeks. Help: don't ever try to pick up a pumpkin after a week!Nasty
Depending on the weather in your area, say if its like 50s and lower it will last but if its 60s and alot warmer no it wont. Some say burn the flesh on the inside some to seal the
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Pumpkins usually live for under a week after being carved. That is why it is important to carve them as close to Halloween as possible.
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Mini pumpkins that are not carved but used to decorate with will last a couple of months before they start to rot. I have used the same little pumpkins from Halloween ...
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