How Long Do Puppies Need to Nurse?


A puppy will nurse from its mother for about a month and a half. After this time the puppy is ready for food. There are dog foods available that is made special for puppies.
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1. Separate the puppy to provide special care. Separate the puppy from its mother and litter mates. A puppy that does not nurse requires special care, and separating it is a good
It could be from not enough mlik when its his/her time to nurse try to put that one first if it still does nit nurse call your vet and get puppy milk and a small bottle
Puppies are completely dependent on their mother's milk for nourishment during the
If he is very young, you may need to use puppy formula, you can actually get some at Walmart now, of course vets and pet stores also carry it, but they are not open 24/7. They also
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