How Long Do Rattlesnakes Live?


In captivity, rattlesnakes are known to live for 20 to 30 years. They reach sexual maturity by the age of 3. In the wild their lifespan is much shorter due to disease and predators. You can find more information here:
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Rattlesnakes are most commonly found in the southwestern United States. There are several different types of rattlesnakes, and all 48 contiguous states have at least one type. You
I would say, usually in hot places like in the south. Most live in deserts. If you ever see one that looks like a rattle snake do not touch it.
The rattlesnake rarely travels beyond a 1-mile radius from its den, but
Rattlesnakes tend to live in dry places like the dessert! Mostly in Arizona and Nevada! Be safe! Ask.
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Rattlesnakes vary in size, and average a couple of feet, but can grow as big as six feet long. Actually, the smaller their size, the more agressive they are. ...
You need to be very careful when trying to catch a rattlesnake or any type of snake. You can get a very long stick and pin it's head down on the ground very tightly ...
The sidewinder rattlesnake is one of the four venomous snakes that live in the American desert. They feed on small animals like mice and rats, lizards, and small ...
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