How long do sea monkeys live?


Sea monkeys can live as long as 2 years. Some will die right away. It really depends on how well you care of them and even if you take good care of them, sometimes they just die out of the blue.
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Sea Monkeys, despite their name, are a scientifically edited hybrid of brine shrimp, and thus are not found in the sea. Non-scientifically edited species of brine shrimp are not found
1. Use a Robo Diver or other device that dispenses food. You can find these in most pet stores. The items are made of plastic and can easily drop to the bottom of the tank where it
Sea monkeys only live up to two years(with a little dedication you can breed
1. Buy a sea-monkey kit at a store. It is usually located in the toy section. Ad. 2. Clean the tank or container in which your pets will grow and fill it with pure drinking water
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