How Long Do Snails Live?


How long does a snail live depends on the type of the snail. All typical snails live for 5 years. Some have been known to live as long as 15 years.
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Snails are omnivorous animals, which means they can eat food from plant and animal sources. Snails can feed on a variety of materials, such as decomposing plants and invertebrates
A snail shell.
Snails eat tiny organisms in the dirt. It only takes a tiny bit of moisture for them to survive, which they get
damp areas. under pot plants, rocks, logs, they come out at night. in the rain.
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The lifespan of most snails is about 5 to 7 years.
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Giant African land snails have a lifespan of between 5 and 6 years although there are some exceptions of individual giant African land snail known to live past ...
Snails typically sleep or hibernate through the winter. Snails are capable of hibernating sleep for three years. Snails typically live three to four years, but ...
A snail is not a bug. The snail is in a shell and therefore is a mollusk. Snails can be eaten as food if cooked properly and another fact is that they can live ...
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