How Long Do Speeding Points Stay on Your Licence?


Any penalty points incurred on a driving license are valid from a 3 year period from the date the conviction was given, but must stay on the licence for an additional twelve months, therefore, bringing the total to 4 years.
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Speeding points are valid on your licence for 3 years for the purposes of totting-up but will normally remain there for 4 years for administration purposes. You can accrue up to 12 penalty points within any 3 years on your driving licence before you get disqualified under the totting-up procedure.
Speeding points stay on the driving license for three years, from the date of conviction. They also must stay on the license for other twelve months, totalling the whole period to four years. The points are placed on the license when found guilty of committing an endorsable motoring offence.
they can stay for a total of 3 years valid from the date of the conviction but must stay for an additional 12 months so that would come upto 4 years
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