How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live?


If you take good care of your sugar glider, or flying squirrel, it can live up to twelve or fifteen years! They make wonderful pets, though they do need a lot of attention from you.
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Sugar Gliders (a small marsupial) live in Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia and Tasmania. They are much like the flying squirrel in that they have a thin membrane that stretches from
Sugar gliders can live up to 15 years in captivity, but the average lifespan for a pet sugar glider is eight years. The wide range in life expectancy for sugar gliders can be accounted
Sugar gliders are found in Australia (including its island state of Tasmania), Indonesia, and Papua-New Guinea. They were originally native to Australia, but easily spread to other
In the wild, sugar gliders live in trees, and rarely, if ever, touch the ground. They
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Your sugar glider will eat cooked meat, live insects, mealworms, fruits, vegetables. To give him water use a water bottle that hangs on the cage. A large cage ...
Sugar gliders are a type of small marsupial. They are omnivorous and live in trees. Because they have membranes of loose skin, they can glide from tree to tree. ...
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