How long do sunspots last?


The duration of sunspots varies greatly as some of them only last hours, while others can last for many months. The longest-lasting known sunspot, which lasted 6 months, was recorded in 1943. Sunspots have an enormous variation in size as well.

Sunspots are visible as dark patches on the sun's surface, as they are areas with lower temperature, around 4000 C, and the surface temperature of the sun is around 6000 C. The amount of visible sunspots follows a 11-year cycle. In modern times, the cyclic period of sunspots has been consistent. However, hardly any sunspots were seen from about 1645 to 1715.

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The last Solar Maximum was in 2002. The Sun is currently at the minimum of the sunspot cycle, perhaps just at the beginning of the new Cycle 24. So far, the Sunspot Number for February
Sunspots usually last for an irregular 11 year cycle. They can be shorter or longer, but
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We are currently just coming out of the midpoint of the sunspot cycle, there are usually very few sunspots to be seen at the midpoint. The cycle does average around 11 years although
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