How Long do Tax Refunds Take?


How long a tax refund takes depends on how you file and when you file. If you file early in tax season a federal return usually takes 2-3 weeks if you file electronically. Filing a paper return can take up to 8 weeks if you are waiting for a check to be mailed.
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If you e-file your return it will only take about ten days. If you mail your return in, expect it to take six to eight weeks to receive. You can call the IRS and check the status of your return at any time.
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The amount of tax refund you receive will be determined by how much money you earned for that year, how much was deducted for taxes, and the deductions that are available to you.
1. Visit the IRS website to access the calculator. 2. Providing your filing status and whether or not you qualify as a dependent. To qualify as a dependent, you must be under the
If you included state income taxes as part of your itemized deduction on last year's federal tax return and got a refund, it is a recovery of a tax benefit. The IRS defines a tax
1. Log on to the Georgia Department of Revenue website (see Resources) and scroll down to the "Where's My Refund" link and click on it. 2. Enter your social security number
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The time it takes to get a tax refund is different for everyone. It depends on how you filed, if you had any errors and how you elected to receive your refund. ...
The length of time to get your tax refund depends on how you filed, if there were any errors and how you elected to get your refund. You can check your status ...
How long it takes to receive your tax refund depends on the way that you want to receive it. You can allow the IRS to mail it to you and that takes up to 6 weeks ...
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