How Long Do Ticks Live?


Ticks can live for a long time. They can live to be up to twenty years old. They will go dormant for most of there lives and then they will wait for something warm blooded to come along.
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Ticks like to stay in the wooded areas of the Rocky Mountains, but can be found pretty much anywhere across the U.S. They like to wait for their next meal by hiding in the tall grass
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•Tall grass. •Shrubs. •Wooded or forested areas.
Most ticks "hang out" on vegetation such as plants, trees, weeds, or grass in wooded
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Ticks are a type of small insect that are considered to be external parasites which feed off the blood of mammals, birds, and reptiles. Ticks can be dangerous ...
Wood ticks can live for a while because they burrow in people's skin and drink their blood. People go into the woods and get ticks that crawl on them before biting ...
Ticks are small, blood-sucking parasites that live on blood from larger animals. They live in woods, fields, brushy areas and crawl onto animals as well as people ...
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