How Long Do Tortoise Eggs Take to Hatch?


Tortoise eggs take about 45-90 days to hatch. Weather temperature, humidity and rainfall affect the time of hatching. Gentle slopes and well textured soils with drained spots are ideal nesting sites for tortoises.
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About Incubation. Discard cracked or misshapen eggs. You can incubate eggs up to a week after they are laid, provided you store them at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It's best to incubate
it depends on how old the eggs are they are similar to our fetuses in many ways they will probably nedd to have eight to ten wekks or so iam not an expert on this subject but from
It takes them 5 to 6 days to hatch!
Most eggs take about 34-35 days to hatch.The first egg laid takes about a day longer to hatch than the second egg (33 days)They hatch about 1.5 days apart.
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