How Long Do Traffic Warrants Last?


Traffic warrants do not have a statute of limitations in most states. This means that the warrant is active for as long as you are alive. You can turn yourself in and rectify the situation rather than get arrested unexpectedly.
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Traffic warrants, which are actually warrants issued on the failure to appear in court for the original traffic ticket, do not ever go away. There is not a statute of limitations on a warrant for arrest. If you have an outstanding traffic warrant or failure to appear, you should contact an attorney to determine what your next step should be.
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Traffic violations range in scale from minor to severe. Minor infractions include such violations as an illegal U-turn, driving above the speed limit or rolling through a stop sign.
When you have a warrant issued for your arrest, it sticks around until either A.) you die; or B.) you turn yourself in or C.) you get arrested.
If you have outstanding warrants and at least one "Fail to Appear" in regards to Court Dates, you're license will be suspended. If you are pulled over anytime after your
I can't speak for California, but I doubt it's different than in Missouri: Warrants never go away. I arrested people for fourteen and sixteen year old warrants when I was a police
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