How long do you have to go to school to become a police officer?


In addition to the successful completion of the police academy, one has to attend a minimum of two years of college to become a police officer. Elite departments require no less than a bachelor's degree.

Police academies are similar to basic training in the military. Recruits live in dormitories for 6 to 8 months and spend their days completing intense physical training and academic classes. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the basic police academy program consists of 720 course hours. Police academies were developed in the United States in the early 20th century; prior to that, officers were trained on the streets.

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1. Serve in the military. Serving at least two years and receiving an honorable discharge provides the experience and discipline required to become a police officer. 2. Take the written
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Policemen need at least a high school
Rookie police officers will usually be a bit more tentative in their dealings with the public and with suspects. As with just about any job, there is a learning curve and experience
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