How Long Do Wasps Live?


Wasps have different lifespans, depending on their function within the colony. The queen lives the longest, up to 12 months, while workers and drones live anywhere between 12 and 22 days.
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The lifespan of a wasp depends on its sex and status in a wasp hierarchy. Sterile female worker wasps live for about 12 to 22 days, fertile male wasps live a little longer, and female queen wasps live for about 1 year.
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Wasps live in trees, houses, sheds, and also on the ground. Wasp also build nest where they can have access to protected areas of different types of buildings. Look here for more
1. Refrain from leaving fruits outside, especially raspberries or strawberries. European wasps are attracted to fruit; if they infest a farm or yard growing these types of fruits,
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Wasps will live in colonies or alone in nests made of paper, mud or...
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A wasp's life span generally depends on their role in the colony. Workers have an average lifespan of 12 to 22 days while a fertile female can live for over a ...
The average lifespan of a wasp is 40 days. Their average gestation period is equal to one life cycle, and they usually produce 25 at a time. You can find more ...
How long wasps can live without food is about 12 to 22 days. If they are pesky and are becoming an annoance, it is best to just kill them. A spray can be bought ...
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