How Long Do You Cook Sauerkraut?


Sauerkraut is not usually cooked as it is processed through fermenting.. You can eat it straight out of the jar. It loses its flavor considerably if you cook it.
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Total Time: 0 minutes   Yield: 12 cups
Level: Intermediate   Cuisine: German European
Directions: In large mixing bowl, mix cabbage thoroughly with salt, juniper berries, and caraway seeds, using hands or tongs. If using your hands, make sure that they are very clean prior to mixing. Let stand for 10 minutes. Pack cabbage mixture down into a large More »
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After opening, sauerkraut is good for use for up to two months. The time can vary depending upon the method of storage used for keeping the sauerkraut.Storing ...
Sauerkraut is a fermented food that lasts up to two months in the refrigerator as long as it is in a sealed container. Frozen sauerkraut lasts up to two years ...
You can freeze sauerkraut and it can stay for quite a long time. Just ensure that you put them in bags and squeeze all air out. Put the bags inside rigid plastic ...
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