How long do you have 2 work at walmart before you can transfer?


From what I've seen you have to work at Wal-mart for at least six months before you can get a transfer. One rule that they have before you transfer you have to put in your notice at least six weeks before you plan to transfer. The company must have enough time to put in the paperwork.
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yea there is a specific time frame.its 6 months unless its an emergancy case then the personels and store managers will talk about it. You also cannot have any coachings on file as
I have read on some forums that after 6
Generally, you need to be in your current position for six months. But, if you explain to your manager your situation; they may let you transfer even though you haven't been there
You have to work at that particular Walmart store for about 6 months, before you can transfer to another. And, you shouldn't have any "coachings" on file. report this answer
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