Is There a Time Limit to Have a Marriage Annulled?


There is no time limit to getting a marriage annulled and in most cases, people tend to get annulments within the first year of marriage. The grounds for marriage annulment may vary according to the area of jurisdiction, but generally include marriages that involve underage parties, blood relationship, or the absence of mental or physical capacity.
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Although it is not as common as it once was, marriage annulment is a legal degree that states that a marriage never existed. Whereas divorce is the end of a marriage, an annulment
1. Look up your state's statutes online or in a law library to find out what grounds for annulment your state accepts and if your marriage qualifies. You can also consult with an
1. Meet the requirements for a California marriage annulment. As long as you meet one of the requirements on the list, you should qualify for an annulment. To annul your marriage,
Definition: civil annulment. A civil annulment is a declaration, by the state, that a marriage never existed even though a ceremony took place. There are limited grounds such as:
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