How long do you have to keep bill statements, pay stubs, etc?


The amount of time you should keep bill statements or pay stubs depends on how you keep track of those things. Many experts agree that a lot of those bills can be thrown away once they are checked for accuracy.
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Business purposes ... as long as the tax man needs them for proof perhaps. Personal purposes .... two years is a good rule of thumb. I am aware that solicitors and the like have a
Desiree, Ok. This is a common question. Cancelled checks and deposit slips take up space. Banks have record of them if you ever need proof of them. Most banks give you the option
Keep payroll stubs all year, then make a single sheet for
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You should keep your pay stubs until the end of the calendar year when you can compare the totals with your W2 form. You can shred them after that. Keep your ...
Have you ever wondered how long you should keep your pay stubs? Bills that have been paid for and the check has cleared can be thrown away. You should keep up ...
Bill statements should be kept for a year. For large item statements such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc., you should keep the bill until you sell or ...
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