How Long Do You Have to Let Tap Water Sit for a Betta Fish?


How long do you have to let tap water sit for a betta fish would be to fill it with tap water and let it sit till it reaches room temperature. You can get a jug and fill it and let it sit so you'll have it ready for the next change. Change the water weekly makes the fish happy.
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Just be sure the temperatures are the same. IF. you are using a tap water dechlorinator. Letting it sit 30 minutes will do or you could play with the water temperature until it is
just buy the conditioner, unless your room temp is exactly the same as the tank or you do regular small water changes, the drop in temperature from a large water change will hurt
Hi Nicole; Poor Zeus. He has gone into shock for some reason. Warmer water will definately help. He needs his water changed every week too. After three weeks in his bowl the old water
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