How Long Do You Have to Respond after Being Served Divorce Papers in TX?


You have sixty days to respond after being served divorce papers in the state of Texas. If you do not respond the other party can be granted a default judgment. That is what I did to my ex-husband. He did not respond when he was supposed to so I was granted the divorce by default.
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Your responses are outlined in the papers, but I would suggest getting an attorney involved at the earliest opportunity.
In Los Angeles County it's very easy to file a motion to set aside a default and have it granted within 6 months after a default is entered. It doesn't require much of an explanation
The divorce will still go through, just gonna take more time where she hasn't signed them. Call and ask to see what steps you need to take next. Good Luck. I've been through a divorce
You have 20 days from the date on the summons to send a required answer to the divorce papers. No more than 20! So don't go into hibernation mode.
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